[SAC] Mirroring for OSGeo and QGIS

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Subject: Mirroring for OSGeo and QGIS
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2019 16:09:49 +0100
From: osluz <osluz@unizar.es>
To: strk@kbt.io
CC: tech_dev@wildintellect.com

Mr. Alex M., Mr. Sandro Santilli and people from OSGeo's System
Administration Committee Discussion:

I am Giovanni Puccini Lecompte, currently the internship worker in
charge of the University of Zaragoza's Free Software Office (OSLUZ). At
the behest of professor Miguel Sevilla-Callejo, the University of
Zaragoza is willing to offer mirroring service to OSGeo and QGIS, as
well as processing power within availability as determined by our IT
service. Thus, we are forwarding this message to be discussed by your
organization as deemed necessary and remain in waiting of a favorable


Oficina de Software Libre
Giovanni Puccini Lecompte
Servicio de Informática y Comunicaciones
Universidad de Zaragoza
Tlf.: 876 55 36 76