[SAC] Motion: Add Laurențiu Nicola to SAC Team -- PASSED

On 3/21/23 18:35, Regina Obe wrote:
> I'd like to add Laurențiu Nicola (lnicola on OSGeo and grayshade on marix)
to the SAC Team as detailed in:
> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/SAC:Election_to_SAC
> Laurentiu has already helped quite a bit with fielding LDAP creation
> He's always on the OSGeo SAC (matrix/irc) channel to help with issues and
provide constructive advice on how to fix things.
> He is very knowledgeable in service operations (particularly Linux/Unix/ web
sites) and is very security conscious.
> First step would be giving him
> Shell access and be part of SAC group
> And admin rights to download.osgeo.org, www.osgeo.org, wiki.osgeo.org,
> lists.osgeo.org (osgeo6), admin access to the gitea/osgeo org
> Eventually I'd like him to have full admin rights to all servers. So this would
> Access to the LXD Hosts, backup server, gitea/trac server OSUOSL VPN
> rights
> +1 from me
> Thanks,
> Regina

Thanks everyone who took the time to vote.
I proclaim this motion passed with:

Several for
Regina Obe
Sandro Santilli
Jürgen E. Fischer
Markus Neteler
Jorge Sanz
Vicky Vergara
Angelos Tzotsos

and none against

I'll move forward with granting access.