[SAC] Motion regarding Systems Support for non-OSGeo Projects, and Fusion (and Motion)


The Fusion project has requested hosting on OSGeo's services (Trac,
SVN, Email). Per our policy they have first requested this service
from SAC who has passed a motion in favor of doing the work.

Our existing approved process is that we would next have to pass a motion
at the board level accepting the project as appropriate for us to support.

However, I feel this process is unnecessarily slow and difficult (since
board email motions require support from every single board member before
being passed). I, with the agreement (grudging or otherwise) of Howard
Butler (SAC chair) would therefore like to make a motion for us to adjust
our policy to reduce the overhead and delay.


Motion: Provision of systems support services by SAC for non-OSGeo project
will hereafter require a motion approving the support by SAC *and* a failure
to object by any board member given two business days of notice of the
intention to support.


The above motion is basically saying we don't need to pass a motion approving
SAC's plan, but that we do require notice, and any board member can object in
which case a formal motion of some sort would be needed to proceed.
Furthermore that we need at least two business days notice for a objection.

I need *every single board member* to vote in support of this email motion
in order for it to pass. If there are questions, feel free to ask. If you
prefer to discuss it in a board meeting then just -0 it now and that is
sufficient to hold things up.

I am in support of my own motion: +1

Furthermore, I would like this email to serve as notice of intent to
provide system resources to the Fusion project. The motion was passed
by SAC a while ago. Unfortunately we weren't organized enough to get the
request onto todays agenda. Details on the request can be found at:


If the earlier motion *passes* and no one objects, then we will be ready
to proceed with work for Fusion.

Best regards,
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