[SAC] Next SAC Meeting changed to Friday March 2nd 2018

Date of next meeting officially changed to

Friday March 3/2/2018 8 PM UTC


Agenda link is now: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/SAC_Meeting_2018-03-02

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Martin Spott wrote:

tomorrow (2018-02-27) I'm planning to celebrate the second "OSGeo day".

Lots of distraction today, unfortunately :-/

Scheduled the next session on Friday (2018-03-02),

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"Regina Obe" wrote:

Friday March 3/2/2018 8 PM UTC

Oooops, by using the term "session" I had another "session of doing paid
OSGeo work" in mind. As usual, weekday evening is usually difficult to
attend, maybe I can come in today (not sure).

Anyway, this week Sandro assisted in setting up proper tracking of my work
by creating a "Sysadmin Contract 2018-I" milestone and tagging tickets

For the record:

    #1981, Upgrading TraSVN and Download VM's to Debian7, almost the entire
    day, see:

    #1981, Preparational work for upgrading Web and Wiki VM's to Debian7

    #1981, Preparing notes on upgrade procedure
    #2128, chasing SVN authentication issues

    #1981, adding to the Wiki
    #2128, investigating the SVN authentication process, most of the day

Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !