[SAC] [OSGeo] #1170: Request to form a mailing list for Sri Lanka

#1170: Request to form a mailing list for Sri Lanka
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I am one FOSS GIS user based on Sri Lanka Institute of Information
Technology, Sri Lanka. I came across FOSS GIS tools in 2006 when searching
for a tool for a student project and end up with adopting some of them in
local context and then promoting them via teaching and through various
projects. Eventually I became a member of OSGeo mailing list and
participated with a presentation in FOSS4G 2009 held in Sydney.
Though few people have asked me to start a FOSS GIS interest group in Sri
Lanka time to time, I haven’t tried to do that formally as the community
itself is not very large and still in its infancy. Recently I had a chance
to meet Vivien Deparday, who came to Sri Lanka to assist in a UN supported
project which totally based on FOSS GIS tools, in our disaster management
center. We are in the process of gathering the interesting people to move
forward. Interest of the students and developers are picking up now and I
hope this is a good time for starting a interest group to link open source
community in Sri Lanka. Based on the responses, we can think about forming
a local chapter later.
Therefore, I request kindly to form a mailing list for Sri Lanka FOSS GIS
I suggest to have the list name "SriLanka-Users" with the description
“OSGeo mailing list for Sri Lanka”
I will act as the list administrator initially(nimalikaf@gmail.com).
If there is any other information, please mail me.

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