[SAC] [OSGeo] #1336: Add ubuntugis repo for easy activation

#1336: Add ubuntugis repo for easy activation
Reporter: wildintellect | Owner: live-demo@…
     Type: enhancement | Status: closed
Priority: minor | Milestone: OSGeoLive8.0
Component: LiveDVD | Resolution: fixed
Keywords: ppa |
Changes (by kalxas):

* status: new => closed
* resolution: => fixed


As discussed in the UbuntuGIS mailing list, the update process in now the

OSGeoLive ppa pulls packages from DebianGIS Unstable and pushes new
versions to UbuntuGIS Testing.

Once an OSGeoLive release happens, the release packages are moved to
UbuntuGIS Unstable and the previous release moves to UbuntuGIS Stable.

So, OSGeoLive ppa acts like UbuntuGIS Testing (with some special additions
when needed, like the recent port of PHP5 to Xenial etc)

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