[SAC] [OSGeo] #165: Wiki LDAP integration

#165: Wiki LDAP integration
Reporter: crschmidt | Owner: astrodog
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Comment (by martin):

Looks like Wiki user "Martin" was an OSGeo Journal editor .... I myself
joined by end of 2006, so there must have been an overlap, but this
definitely wasn't myself.\\
Maybe Martin Wegmann, now known as Wiki user "Wegmann"? Their edit
histories match pretty well.

Nevertheless, I suspect that I'm not the only user being affected by such
a naming collision. There are thousands of nicknames in LDAP and Wiki and
while a solution for myself would be nice (of course :slight_smile: , others might
complain as well.

Ah, and, for some - unknown - reason I lost my Wiki password. While I was
able to trigger a PasswordReset on the production Wiki, this is disabled
on the Dev.

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