[SAC] [OSGeo] #165: Wiki LDAP integration

#165: Wiki LDAP integration
Reporter: crschmidt | Owner: astrodog
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Comment (by neteler):

Replying to [comment:42 hexmode]:
> Replying to [comment:40 martin]:
> > Looks like Wiki user "Martin" was an OSGeo Journal editor .... I
myself joined by end of 2006, so there must have been an overlap, but this
definitely wasn't myself.\\
> > Maybe Martin Wegmann, now known as Wiki user "Wegmann"? Their edit
histories match pretty well.
> Someone should reach out to "Wegmann" and find out if it is the same
user and offer to use Special:UserMerge to merge their users.

I have just contacted Martin Wegmann asking him to support us here.

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