[SAC] [OSGeo] #165: Wiki LDAP integration

#165: Wiki LDAP integration
Reporter: crschmidt | Owner: robe
     Type: task | Status: closed
Priority: major | Milestone: Sysadmin Contract 2021-I
Component: Wiki | Resolution: fixed
Keywords: ldap, wiki |

Comment (by robe):

2. Happened to me a number of times, but I couldn't replicate the issue

Regarding the #1, the Request login page takes you to the LDAP create
I also changed the main site where it talks to wiki to say you need an
LDAP account and changed the LDAP create page to note wiki is one of the
things you need an LDAP account for.

I thought #1 was pretty clear for old users, as it does find your old
account and tells you to merge. Not sure what more we can add to that
page to make it clear without being more confusing. Perhaps we can have
link to the detailed instructions like what hexmode had provided.

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