[SAC] [OSGeo] #1940: osgeo4 needs new disks (was: osgeo4 raid needs a replacement)

#1940: osgeo4 needs new disks
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Changes (by robe):

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I spoke to OSUOSL folks and Lance said he thinks the RAID on osgeo4 is
fine and suggest we just completely replace the disks and sent us a sample

I talked with Martin and he concurs that probably just the disks need

Both Martin and Lance (from OSUOSL) concur that osgeo4 would make a fine
LXD backup host of the disks are replaced.

I have moved everything off of osgeo4, so I'd really like to move forward
with getting fresh disks and reformatting it.

Martin's notes from IRC:

22:00:22 MartinSpott: As far as I can tell, Osgeo4 has E5540
CPU's and 48 GByte main memory
22:00:36 MartinSpott: .... which still makes a nice testbed

I'd rather reuse osgeo4 and reformat as Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or Debian 9/10
and use a spare LXD host. Perhaps moving over old-adhoc / old-projects
and setting up a bridge so the LXD hosts are on the same private network.

So I am reopening this ticket and changing the title to "needs new disks"
instead of needs new RAID.

I will ask Lance if he can ask Justin if he is still around, why he
thought the raid was bad as it seems that is where this claim is coming

As reported by Justin L Dugger (IRC nickname pwnguin) from OSUOSL staff
there's a degraded raid on osgeo4 server which should be replaced.

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