[SAC] [OSGeo] #1940: osgeo4 needs new disks

#1940: osgeo4 needs new disks
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Comment (by robe):

Lance's response on 5/12/2019 - sorry forgot to add to this ticket
ustin no longer works at the lab so I'm not entirely sure what he thought
going on with the RAID controller card. The battery seems to be doing fine
what I can tell and has 92% absolute state of charge which is pretty good.
Perhaps the firmware upgrade on the controller might "fix" whatever issues
were having before. FWIW we use R710's quite a bit in the lab and have
little issues with those same controllers.

At at absolute minimum you should replace the two failed drives plus have
additional one or two for spares. Or you could completely replace all six
with fresh drives. The controller supports either 3.5" SATA or SAS drives.
controller also support RAID10 if that's of use.

Let us know what you'd like to do as far as replacing drives and we'll
forward with getting the firmware updated on the system and prepping it
for your
backup uses. Do you want to retain the same hostname?


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