[SAC] [OSGeo] #2056: www.osgeo.org donate button

#2056: www.osgeo.org donate button
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Comment (by jive):

It is making it hard to run code sprints not having a PayPal button!

* The wp-paypal button while free is not suitable (it is too complicated
with a shopping cart and so on)
* The https://givewp.com/ was more focused on our use case, code available
on GitHub using a GPL license (https://github.com/impress-org/give). And
once again I think we can pay for this if it enables our teams and
supports an open source company produce plugins like this

Other options:

- I noticed the TGP was able to make a button using a call out action:
- Old website had one donate button, and each project had manual
instructions asking sponsors to fill in a "special instructions" field

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