[SAC] [OSGeo] #2061: Migrate GeoForAll DNS

#2061: Migrate GeoForAll DNS
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Comment (by jive):

From Suchith June 23:

   Hi Jody, Vicky,

   May I request you and SAC help to follow up the geoforall.org domain
registration renewal by SAC. Please note the domain expires on 23/9/2018
and is registered under Jason Sadler's geodata account with namesco (uk).
See trac tickets updates for details

   Please contact Jason Sadler (cc in) (email on jds@geodata.soton.ac.uk
or skype id jds88y) to get this renewed and transferred to OSGeo. We
need to setup process to get it renewed every year for the long term. You
can use the GeoForAll budget for getting the domain name renewal .Thank
you for your help.

   Best wishes,


From Suchith July 4:

   Hi Vicky, Jody,

   May I request you to contact Jason and arrange migrate GeoForAll DNS
details to OSGeo and renewed . I know that many will be on holidays from
later this month , so please do this now . Many Thanks.

   Best wishes,


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