[SAC] [OSGeo] #2061: Migrate GeoForAll DNS

#2061: Migrate GeoForAll DNS
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Comment (by robe):

In a skype chat with Jason. We concluded it was easier for him to
transfer to a new names.co.uk account because otherwise he has to pay for
the transfer.

So, I now have a names.co.uk account under my email address with
GeoForALL.org in it. However it doesn't look like the transfer to this
account is completed. Once it is I'll transfer it over to Pair.

As far as billing logistics, not sure the best way to deal with that. I
can pay the £10+vat with my own credit card and someone buys me a coffee
or something (or we ignore cause it's chump change), or OSGeo treasurer
logs in pays the cost for transfer.

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