[SAC] [OSGeo] #2061: Migrate GeoForAll DNS

#2061: Migrate GeoForAll DNS
Reporter: wildintellect | Owner: robe
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Comment (by robe):

Just got notice that the geoforall.org has completed and is renewed till

I moved the DNS over to Pair.

The old DNS had

www CNAME www.geodata.soton.ac.uk

30 fwd0.hosts.co.uk
30 fwd1.hosts.cop.uk
30 fwd2.hosts.co.uk

The old A and WWW just looked like they were redirecting to

so I replaced both with a Pair Forward to -

The MX I wasn't sure if it's used or not or if those are just generic MX
names.co.uk puts in, do geoforall folks get mail at the geoforall domain?

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