[SAC] [OSGeo] #2087: difficulty posting on gdal-dev and osgeo incubator lists

#2087: difficulty posting on gdal-dev and osgeo incubator lists
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Comment (by Alex Hagen-Zanker):

I have received some feedback from my email provider. They write the

We have been sending out a standard communication with mail providers as
and when a new mailprovder or list is used.

"Most if not all mailing list software now has a way of better handling
DMARC reject policies. Occasionally this requires an update to a more
recent version of the list software or configuring some settings.

Most of these settings involve re-writing the FROM domain of emails with a
DMARC reject policy and adding a “Reply-to” address so the user experience
is effectively the same. Recipients can therefore not only receive the
emails but also reply to the original sender"

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