[SAC] [OSGeo] #2092: Install Weblate in Docker

#2092: Install Weblate in Docker
Reporter: robe | Owner: robe
     Type: task | Status: closed
Priority: normal | Milestone: Sysadmin Contract 2021-II
Component: Systems Admin | Resolution: fixed
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Comment (by robe):


I think GPLv3 and GIS related is good enough. I'm not planning to enforce
the project be OSGeo and don't see any need to. Probably most enforcement
we would do (and even then not sure it's needed) would be enforce it has
some sort of opensource license.

stable - I think it's stable except I don't feel confident yet in my
abilities. I do have it backing up daily so if something happens I can
always snapshot restore. I was hoping to get some folks interested to help
me test the waters. I've made you a super user so you should be able to
create projects and do pretty much anything. If you are interested in
getting admin rights to the server let me know.

The way I ended up installing is using their docker compose so should be
fairly easy to upgrade as needed.

My thoughts are as follows:

First pass Limit translation rights to folks who have OSGeo accounts.

Then later explore the idea of allowing other auth systems like Gitlab,
Github, or OpenID to encourage more translations. I think Weblate
supports all, though I've only got OSGeo LDAP enabled and haven't tested
having more than one auth system.

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