[SAC] [OSGeo] #2098: playtesting osgeo userid creation, asking for workflow feedback

#2098: playtesting osgeo userid creation, asking for workflow feedback
Reporter: jive | Owner: sac@…
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Play testing creating a new user, so I can determine what permissions are
required to make new "events":

1. visit https://www.osgeo.org/community/getting-started-osgeo/
2. follow link to userid https://www.osgeo.org/community/getting-started-
3. follow directions to visit form https://id.osgeo.org/ldap/create
- this page is confusing
- why is "trust" in quotes
- the entry mantra field is under "Join #osgeo-sac IRC chat" button"
- the enter the "okay" symbol was very odd (it was the ॐ charater = "om"
ha ha ha )
5. Email arrived with link, email says link is valid for 24 hours, but is
only valid for one use.
6. Click the email link to "confirm the operation"
7. filled in the form with a new password, resulting success message
indicated you could edit your profile --> takes you id.osgeo.org/ldap/edit
(not the website profile page).
8. Not obvious what to do once on the edit page

Workflow troubles for consideration/discussion:
- form field was missed, it was under the IRC button, "mantra" and "ॐ" is
cute - but confusing. Consider using "passphrase" and "ok".
- trouble dismissing the authentication dialog (401 exception) and then
trying to go back to the edit page (had to find it in history)
- not obvious how to get to website profile, or any of the other osgeo
services once registered

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