[SAC] [OSGeo] #2189: GeoForAll website update for FOSS4G 2018

#2189: GeoForAll website update for FOSS4G 2018
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The following request has come in via email.

Jeffrey Laust:

> Hi jody, we like to wrap-up the work that we did for GeoForAll. Peter
and Suchith are happy with the work that has been done. They asked me to
aks you for final approval so we can move forward and go to
production.Peter and Suchith would like to go to production before the
Foss4g. Can we do a Google Hangout so I can show you the work that has
been done? And hopefully get your approval :slightly_smiling_face:

Suchith Anand:

> Thank you Jody.
> Me and Peter had a telemeeting yesterday with Jeffrey and we are happy
with the work done. We would appreciate if the updates (adding new lab
etc) in the website can be made before FOSS4G. I understand there is a
GeoForAll meeting planned at Foss4g 2018 , so we can use the opportunity
to bring all colleagues to look at the updates , give feedbacks, start
adding new content etc. Many thanks.
> Best wishes,
> Suchith

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