[SAC] [OSGeo] #259: help with qgis web migration

#259: help with qgis web migration
Reporter: dassau | Owner: sac@lists.osgeo.org
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Priority: normal | Component: SAC
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The QGIS team wants to migrate qgis.org to qgis.osgeo.org. We plan to use
joomla again and therefore request two things for the xblade14-2 server.

a) create a qgis.osgeo.org subdomain linking to the directory /osgeo/qgis/
qgis-web/ on the xblade14-2 server.

b) We would like to have .htaccess restricted access to the new web
domain, because we will use it as test environment for a new qgis web
presence in the beginning and want to test with a smaller group of people.
Can you provide that as well, or should we?

Apart from that I have sudo access and can create a mysql database for
joomla and a backup solution and anything else we need for the qgis pages,
if that is ok for you.

thanks a lot and kind regards,
  Otto Dassau (QGIS PSC)

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