[SAC] [OSGeo] #2778: Weblate notifications a bit out of control

#2778: Weblate notifications a bit out of control
Reporter: robe | Owner: sac@…
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Priority: normal | Milestone: Sysadmin Contract 2022-II
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Comment (by robe):

Okay I had to clear the osgeo6 mail queue as they were all stuck there so
even turning off my weblate notification did not stop the emails from
coming to me.

# check the queue
postqueue -p

# purge all (they looked mostly like weblate alerts (36,000) and no easy
way to cherry pick)
# the few I saw that weren't
postsuper -d ALL

I'm keeping this open until I figure out a way to limit these notices when
something like this happens. Was triggered by weblate parse errors of
pgrouting pushed files.
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