[SAC] [OSGeo] #2795: Registration link is hard to find

#2795: Registration link is hard to find
Reporter: lnicola | Owner: vicky@…
     Type: enhancement | Status: new
Priority: normal | Milestone: Unplanned
Component: WebSite | Keywords:
1. From the front page, it's not obvious how to register an account. If
you navigate to Community / Members, there's a "Join OSGeo" button, which
leads you to some more text. You then have to click on the "Getting
Started Guide" link to get another link to the registration page.

(or course, you can click on "Sign in" directly, but it's not obvious that
it's going to have a registration link).

2. In addition, this text on the registration page could be relaxed a

> we're currently requiring new users to request and obtain a "mantra"
from the OSGeo system administrators

My understanding is that it's fine to ask an existing member for the
mantra instead of a system administrator.
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