[SAC] [OSGeo] #315: Provide file upload access for foss4g site and archives

#315: Provide file upload access for foss4g site and archives
Reporter: tmitchell | Owner: sac@lists.osgeo.org
    Type: task | Status: new
Priority: normal | Component: SAC
Keywords: file management |
FOSS4G 2009 runs a really simple web site which, up until now, Tyler has
been manually uploading and unzipping for the conference team when needed.
Likewise, Jeff maintains a set of FOSS4G archive documents online using a
variety of tools, some easier to user than others.

To help meet both these needs (and possibly others in the future) I
believe we need some simple web-based tools for managing files in a couple
folders on the server. This would be a private address and require user
authentication. I've installed an instance of the http://ajaxplorer.info
software for the above two sets of files and will ask Jeff and Simon to
help test them out. If you would like to also see it in action, contact
me in IRC or offline. I will avoid posting the URL publicly.

I will need someone to take a peek at the configuration files
/var/www/file_manager to make sure I have permissions right, e.g. so conf
files are not exposed.

Any concerns with this approach?

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