[SAC] [[OSGeo] #403: Create Authz Rules for MetaCRS subversion repository]

I'm going to fix the "Component" on the following ticket. Quite often
people don't seem to choose the right component, maybe because they don't
know what "SAC" means? Could we change "SAC" -> "Systems" or "SysAdmin"
or the like?

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Subject: [OSGeo] #403: Create Authz Rules for MetaCRS subversion repository
From: "OSGeo" <trac_osgeo@osgeo.org>
Date: Fri, August 14, 2009 2:20 pm
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#403: Create Authz Rules for MetaCRS subversion repository
Reporter: hugueswski | Owner: tmitchell
    Type: task | Status: new
Priority: critical | Component: General
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As described in tickets:

unauthorized commits have occured in the MetaCRS's subproject !CsMap

Per the "Authz Rules" section described on
http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Subversion, please use the attached authz.tmpl
file for !MetaCrs.

I am putting this as critical since we are seeing some uncontrolled
submissions to our projects.

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