[SAC] OSGeo budget plan request

Dear OSGeo SAC Committee,

OSGeo is reaching out to all committees, to help plan our budget for
2019. Teams with an annual plan (to pursue a specific goal) are
welcomed to send a detailed request for approval (e.g.

A good idea is to focus on OSGeo participation, for example attending
the AGM or OSGeo code sprint or extending outreach of the committee.
Also keep in mind OSGeo goals as an organization, (e.g.
interoperability goal: CITE compliance or participation developing new

We would like to ask you to help us with budget proposals to assist
your committee. This will help us set aside a realistic amount of

Please add your project info to the budget draft at:


ideally by the end of January and ahead of our January board meeting.

When making a budget request please keep in mind the vision and goals
of our foundation, along with any obligations you wish to meet.

Thank you and best wishes,

On behalf of OSGeo Board,