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Exactly. This is also what I tried to suggest in an earlier mail:

"... Registration, paper submission, etc. can be dynamic and get thrown
away after use. The main page, abstract and presentation archive should
be simple HTML."

But apparently I have lost all my skills at communicating things. What I
wanted to say is that the LOC has some responsibility to provide an
archive version of their event. Not sure whether this is part of the
handbook yet, it definitely should be (in my strange opinion).

The basic problem is that OSGeo System Administration should not have to
maintain several years of PHP clutter, maintain different databases and
virtual machines just to be able to present a comprehensive archive of
past FOSS4Gs. Hence there is some requirement for the LOC to make sure
that what they create can be maintained over coming eons.


On 21.11.2013 12:03, Jeremy Morley wrote:

But surely the point is that the website should be capable of being
reduced to a simple, reduced interactivity version for transfer to and
archiving by FOSS4G (with a plan of action to actually do so), rather than
specifying how it should be created and managed in its operational phase?
It's the outcome not the interim that's important for archiving.

(Essentially this is what we're about to do for the FOSS4G 2013's site -
once we've put some final content on the site relating to feedback reports
we will produce an archivable export. Our site would have had a shadow of
its interactivity without the backend & upfront systems that Barry worked
so hard on.).


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On 21/11/2013 10:23, "Seven (aka Arnulf)" <seven@arnulf.us> wrote:

On 21.11.2013 00:38, Steven Feldman wrote:

I'd hesitate to be too proscriptive about how the LOC develops their web
content or to risk stifling innovation. I'd also question whether ease
of archiving should be a major criteria in designing the web presence
for an event

Yes it should. We want to have an archive of FOSS4G events. Experience
shows that kindly provided ad-hoc servers suddenly disappear. OSGeo can
provide the continuity which is required to have a gapless record of
FOSS4G events.



On 20 Nov 2013, at 10:10, "Seven (aka Arnulf)" <seven@arnulf.us
<mailto:seven@arnulf.us>> wrote:

all fine except that for archiving reasons it may be good to copy a
static copy of the conference pages to OSGeo servers eventually - at
latest after the event. Therefore maybe the LOC would be happy to
maintain the web site on OSGeo servers to start with.

We might want to advise the LOC to implement their event website in an
archivable format (avoid dynamic systems which require lots of
maintenance, etc.). Registration, paper submission, etc. can be dynamic
and get thrown away after use. The main page, abstract and presentation
archive should be simple HTML.

Once agreed this is again something for the handbook...


On 19.11.2013 21:20, Jachym Cepicky wrote:

Alex, big thanks for you work on this.

In aliment with #1247, we agreed, that

1) europe.foss4g.org/index.html <http://europe.foss4g.org/index.html&gt;
will be static page, preferably on OSGeo
server, pointing to every year's conference page

2) europe.foss4g.org/YEAR <http://europe.foss4g.org/YEAR&gt; will point
to every year servers, hosted by
local organization committee (every year different).

Reason for this: avoid any work from OSGeo system admins in the
so that we can go on year after year using this configuration, by
adding new YEAR redirection to yet-another-server.

Basically, I'm all for *any* solution, which will lead to the state,
where we will have infrastructure, which could be easy setuped every
year. As you are writing, DNS would be best solution (not sure,
europe.fos4g.org/2014 <http://europe.fos4g.org/2014&gt; can be
considered as valid DNS record).

I think, moving conference page to osgeo server would be too
(server admins would have to change year-after year, it will be
probably hosted on some university server ...) I'm not sure, what it
would mean for you guys, and I just want to avoid any future work,
I appreciate what you are already doing for us (OSGeo).

Thank you


Dne 18.11.2013 19:34, Alex Mandel napsal(a):

On 11/18/2013 03:19 AM, Jachym Cepicky wrote:


could please anybody have a short look at the ticket #1247,
setting up the domain and e-mail adresses for the FOSS4G-Europe
organization committee?

Do you have still some quiestions, which need to be clarified? Is
"just" lack of time?



[1] http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/ticket/1247

I think there are still some questions. I ended up putting in a
just to make it work for now. But if you're going to host everything
over on the server indicated should we just point the DNS directly
there? Or did you want to move the site over to an osgeo server?

Mostly this all gets more complicated when dealing with SSL for

Email stuff is completely out of my hands but that looks like
others are
looking into it. Agreed the DNS and email stuff are separate
tickets and
Arnulf's questions about branding are an even bigger discussion
all the current europe conference groups.


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