[SAC] OSGeo4 status

Forgot to mention -- I updated the services page (for osgeo7 and osgeo4) so
hopefully it's clear where everything is:


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Subject: OSGeo4 status

This is just an overall status of where we are with OSGeo4 and ask for
suggestions etc.
In particular I'd like some suggestions on what to call the container (item
#4) people will hop thru to get to the other containers

What's been done:

1) I created a new gitea repo to house osgeo4 setup info (similar to the
osgeo7) locked down to just SAC-


2) I setup a ZFS pool called osgeo4_lxd - which consists of 4 of the 6
drives mirrored (sdc, sdd) mirror with (sde, sdf) - this is similar setup of
osgeo7 and patterned after that There are 2 more drives - OSUOSL had used
parts of those two for the RAID1 (non zfs) ext partition they setup so there
is still a good chunk there to use I installed LXD (from snap) so it will
always be same version as is on osgeo7

3) I added osgeo7 as a remote host on osgeo4.

You'll see it listed if you do

lxc remote list

#with the remote host you can do pretty much all the commands you can do on
For example, to see a list of images on osgeo7 from osgeo4 host, you'd do

lxc image list osgeo7:

To see list of containers on osgeo7:
lxc list osgeo7:

4) I created a new container using osgeo7 ldap image -- I called it dmz for
now (not sure that's the best name) Using below command:
lxc launch osgeo7:debian9-base-ldap-ssh dmz

This is the container I will expose the port 22 on and will be the only one
with that port exposed - similar to how download.osgeo.org is used on osgeo7

Let me know what name you would prefer and also what we should make the DNS.

5) I setup nginx container which I called osgeo4-nginx (so not to be
confused with the osgeo7 one, as that one I'd probably have a nightly
snapshot of it in a stopped state)

6) I shut off the wordpess-dev on osgeo7 and copied it over to osgeo4.
I'm going to restore latest prod data on it and setup a script to copy
latest prod data so we can do some stress tests.
Eventually I'd like to move wordpress from web18a to osgeo7 I still need to
proxy thru nginx and change the dns

#near future plans
1) I'll setup a nightly script that does a copy of latest snapshot of key
containers from osgeo7 to osgeo4 and keeps them in a stopped state.
So in case if anything happens to osgeo7, should not take much time to reset
2) Start focusing on issues with wordpress
3) Migrate some of the stuff on osgeo3 to either osgeo4 or osgeo7. I'm
thinking things like old-adhoc, old-projects I'd move from osgeo7 to osgeo4
4) Setup a dronie agent on osgeo4