[SAC] OSGeo7 will be going down in about 24 hrs for standard maintenance

I will be rebooting osgeo7 in about 24 hrs.
During this downtime, the following services will be down.


Note that services that rely on ldap.osgeo.org will be impacted during this
maintenance window.
Expect people to not be able to log into these services even if they are not
on osgeo7. Services not on osgeo7 that will be impacted (e.g. logging in to
OSGeo servers , weblate.osgeo.org, repo.osgeo.org, qgis plugin upload,

I don't expect more than 30 minutes of downtime.

I will send a note before I start the process and after the process is
Feel free to write me if you have issues with this.

OSGeo Sys Admin