[SAC] OSGeoLive Trac split from OSGeo Trac

A summary of what was done about OSGeoLive own trac instance:

- A clone of "osgeo" trac env was made (filesystem and db)
- All non-OSGeoLive tickets removed from "osgeolive" trac
- A "moved" resolution added to "osgeo" trac.
- All OSGeoLive tickets in "osgeo" trac changed to have
   status:closed resolution:moved description:"moved to <newlocation>"
   and no other changes listed

There are still attachments in "OSGeoLive" (actually "LiveDVD" is
the component name) tickets on "osgeo" trac, not sure how to deal
with those (there might be some link out there pointing to them).

Wiki pages have not been touched at all, to my knowledge. I'm not
sure how to spot which pages belong to "OSGeoLive" there.
This query:

select distinct(name) from wiki where name ilike '%live%';

Returns a single page:


Should we assume that's the only one ?
In that case we could drop all of the 153 revisions of that page
from the "osgeo" database and replace them with a single revision
with a link to the new location.

NOTE: new trac env got the "osgeolive" alias, so links to it can
      be made more easily, see