[SAC] PEER 1 - Transition into Tivoli Data Backup System


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From: PEER 1 Dedicated Hosting Support <donotreply@peer1.com>
Date: March 7, 2007 9:18:59 AM PST (CA)
To: tmitchell@osgeo.org
Subject: IMPORTANT - PEER 1 - Transition into Tivoli Data Backup System
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Dear Valued Customer:

As we informed you in our email sent to you on February 21st, we will be upgrading your existing Veritas Data Backup service to our new Tivoli Backup system. This note is to inform you that we will be transitioning your server's backups product to the new systems over the next few weeks. Prior to your specific server migration, we will send you a ticket update when we begin the process of upgrading your server. This process should be simple and should not require any effort on your part.

When we begin the process we will login in to your server using the credentials we may have on record for your server; once we have access to your server we will uninstall the Veritas software and install the Tivoli Storage Manager software. If we do not have credentials, we ask you to provide us with the correct server login information. Once we receive this information we will be able to continue with this product upgrade.

After we have completed the process we will send you a ticket to confirm the transition has taken place. This product change should not be server impacting and will not require an immediate reboot. For your convenience you will be able to reboot your server yourself at a time that works better for you. Finally, you will receive a Welcome E-mail with more detail information about your new Tivoli Data Backup solution.

Thank you for your cooperation, if you have any questions please call PEER 1 Dedicated support at 1-877-504-0091 or 1-305-717-6600 for international customers. You may also open a ticket at https://dhsupport.peer1.com

Thank you for your continued business and support.


Your PEER 1 Dedicated Hosting Team

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I noticed that #telescience is not a registered channel. I'm not sure of the history of using this channel for SAC, however the fact that it is unregistered means there is no channel op and therefore anybody can join and wreak havoc. There has already been one instance of defacing the channel topic. With a registered channel we could lock it down should the need arise, including controlling who has voice and kicking trouble makers.

To register a channel it has to be empty except for one user. I have registered #osgeo-sac in the event the committee wants to migrate to it. Otherwise, I would suggest getting everybody off #telescience and registering it to prevent problems in the future. It can be difficult to get everybody off a channel when you don't have ops, because you can't kick anybody, nor can you prevent people from joining while you are trying to clear it.

SAC communications are important and having an unregistered and uncontrollable channel is a risk.
- -gary

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