[SAC] [Qgis-developer] www.qgis.org

Hi devs!

As there will be the harder feature freeze for debian 7.0(!) in a few
days I took a look at our server and saw that we are running

cat /etc/debian_version

What about upgrading to 6.0 ? Any objections against it (beside that
some things might not run afterwards)
Usually debian does not make any problems while upgrading but who knows..
But especially the PHP Version running on the server is already not
supported any more ..

Who is brave to try an update?

kind regards

All, please coordinate this with OSGeo SAC. There are some potential
quirks to upgrading the OS on the virtual machines.

if it's on a VM, why not reinstalling everything afresh on a different
one, and switch when ready?

That option is possible, I'll need to verify we have enough disk space
1st and make the request to OSUOSL. Putting a ticket into trac.osgeo.org
would be good to keep track of the progress.

We have 2 choices, a blank or a clone. A clone might take a few minutes
of downtime (10 minutes I think). Clone would obviously save time long term.