[SAC] Re: irc/wiki

Martin^2, Frank,

we are talking about two different things here:

* GRASS Migration to OSGeo:
  - the wish is to migrate the GRASS Wiki to OSGeo.
    Currently hosted at GDF Hannover

* My "Multi-language OSGeo dictionary" proposal (EduCom):
  - http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/OSGeo_Multilanguage_Dictionary
  --> here we could use the Wiktionary software (http://www.wiktionary.org/),
   which is essentially the same thing.

Summary: two Wikipedia instances are requested.


On 1/12/08, Martin Landa <landa.martin@gmail.com> wrote:

Ciao Markus,

from irc...

<MartinSpott> Hi lambda, I'm just browsing my EMail backlog to see
what the latest state in my conversation with Marus was.
<FrankW> This suggest a serious load problem rather than hardware
failure (at least to me)
<MartinSpott> FrankW: Yes, looks familiar ....
<MartinSpott> lambda: The latest status of my conversation with Markus
is that he intended to ask SAC for approval of hosting a 'Wiktionary'
instance in order to build a "Multi-language OSGeo dictionary".
<MartinSpott> So this is apparently different from a GRASS wiki. Isn't it ?
<FrankW> I may be mixed up about what is being requested.
<lambda> MartinSpott: as far as I know we discussed moving GRASS-wiki
[ http://grass.gdf-hannover.de/ ] hosted in Germany to osgeo...

no result...


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