[SAC] Re: [Live-demo] Moving the LiveDVD to its own Trac issue tracker

Cameron wrote:

Is it ok if we set up a new trac instance for the LiveDVD
project, and if so, what is involved?

(while I admire the enthusiam, in future it would be nice to
discuss these things on the live- mailing list first.. or did I
miss something?)

Currently, the LiveDVD project shares an issue tracker with
the rest of OSGeo, details at: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Disc#Issue_Tracker
It has its own component, "LiveDVD", which distinguishes
itself from "SAC", "Board", etc.

Now that we are starting to plan our next LiveDVD release,
I'd like some more functionality from our issue tracker. In
particular, I want each ticket to specify which branch and
which version the ticket is referring to, so that we can
distinguish between releases.

as an admin on the existing infrastructure I can already do
that, you just have to ask...

As long as it can be done with default version set to blank
(I'm pretty sure it can be) and the roadmap/version labels be
like project:version to avoid cross-project confusion I don't
think it would create much noise for others.

All in all I'm pretty neutral on the idea though. Whatever
folks want. As for myself, I prefer the path of least effort-
both up front and long term- as we all live busy lives :slight_smile: