[SAC] Re: [mapserver-dev] Time for a 5.2.1 release?

Daniel Morissette wrote:

Steve Lime wrote:

Hey, do you have that step-by-step cheat sheet lying around? I can't find my copy and can't remember where everything's located.

Here's a copy of my notes. I'm not sure if that's the latest, I think the latest was in the /osgeo/mapserver directory on upload.osgeo.org but I can't login at the moment. The machine has been reinstalled after a disk failure a few days ago and I had checked that I could login to it after the reinstallation, but I can't login any more.

Frank (CC'd): is upload.osgeo.org back to normal? Should we be able to login to it now?

Daniel / Steve,

We have a new issue with upload.osgeo.org (ldap.telascience.org is
unresponsive), and John has called out Sun engineers. In the meantime
the only account that works on upload.osgeo.org is root. So please put
the release tarball somewhere I can get it, and I'll upload it.

Note, this login issue applies to all the telascience blades to the best
of my knowledge. We hope to have it resolved soon (likely tomorrow).

Best regards,
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