[SAC] Re: MetaCRS SVN/Trac Services from SAC

Frank Warmerdam wrote:


SAC has passed a motion permitting provision of SVN and Trac services to
the MetaCRS projects:


Per our procedures, the board has two days to object to this arrangement
before it proceeds.

The MetaCRS project is an effort to confederate several coordinate system
related projects (PROJ.4, CSMAP, and PROJ4JS) with the aim to build a project
of sufficient weight to go through the OSGeo incubation process, and to
ensure greater compatibility and sharing between the projects.

The project has not yet applied for incubation, but has need of immediate
system services as CSMAP is just now being open sourced by Autodesk. Hence
the "in advance" system services stuff.

So - if you have any objection to this arrangement you have 48 hours to raise it.


Lacking any objection I will proceed with this effort.

Best regards,
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