[SAC] Re: [OSGeo] #133: MySQL error when trying to update wiki.osgeo.org, or upload files

#133: MySQL error when trying to update wiki.osgeo.org, or upload files
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Changes (by dpatton):

  * priority: normal => critical
  * summary: MySQL error when trying to update wiki.osgeo.org => MySQL
              error when trying to update wiki.osgeo.org, or
              upload files


This problem needs to be fixed ASAP:

Some of the wiki pages are critical infrastructure for the FOSS4G2007

In particular, the Information for Instructors wiki page:

The problem with this error is that we have told all the Instructors that
they must edit that wiki page, and having them encounter an error when
doing so reflects poorly on OSgeo and FOSS4G2007.

It appears that the error is either preventing file uploads, or masking
relevant error messages relating to failed file uploads.

I'm trying to upload PDF floor plans for the FOSS4G2007 conference centre,
and encountering an error:

- after ignoring the bogus message "It is recommended that images not
exceed 153600 bytes in size, this file is 387555 bytes"(my upload is a PDF
file, not an image)

- I used the "Ignore warning and save file anyway." Save File button

- I get the same error as above:

MySQL returned error "1016: Can't open file: 'osgeo_searchindex.MYI'
(errno: 145) (localhost)".

- My PDF is not uploaded(it is not in the Upload log)

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