[SAC] Re: [OSGeo] #203: {download|projects}.osgeo.org: install htdig (was: download.osgeo.org: install htdig)

#203: {download|projects}.osgeo.org: install htdig
  Reporter: neteler | Owner: sac@…
      Type: task | Status: reopened
  Priority: normal | Component: Systems Admin
Resolution: | Keywords: htdig, grass
Changes (by hamish):

* cc: htdig (removed)
  * keywords: => htdig, grass
  * status: closed => reopened
  * resolution: wontfix =>


2 years on and we still very much want to use this, or something like it.

note Markus put this out as a request for help, not for SAC to fully do it
for us.
And it seems grass will be on projects.osgeo.org for a little while yet,
not in our own VM to do with as we please.

reopening ticket.


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