[SAC] Re: [OSGeo] #203: {download|projects}.osgeo.org: install htdig

#203: {download|projects}.osgeo.org: install htdig
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Comment(by crschmidt):


SAC's responsibilities are:
  * Maintenance of infrastructure
  * Maintaining SAC-hosted services (trac, SVN, osgeo.org)
  * Maintaining DNS, etc.
  * Helping to maintain hardware for projects
  * Helping to install software for projects when needed.

The htdig software in question was installed on the machine which
grass.osgeo.org is hosted on.

Having GRASS on the projects VM does not mean that OSGeo is responsible
for GRASS website maintenance; instead, it means that SAC will provide
members with access to do the maintenance they need. As far as I
understand, there is no one else currently looking to use htdig on the
projects VM, so as far as that is concerned, GRASS is free to 'do with as
we please' in that regard. (If there was a conflict over this, SAC would
step in to help mediate, and possibly create a new VM if it was impossible
to come to a reasonable conclusion to the satisfaction of the conflict.)

The maintainership of the GRASS website and its various components falls
outside the realm of SAC's responsibilities, and in the hands of GRASS
project members. If you wish to extend this capabilty, that is up to GRASS

Unless SAC either:
  1. Takes on a general purpose search project for projects, maintaining
htdig to search their content or
  2. Takes over maintainership of the GRASS project website

This project remains solidly in the hands of GRASS members, and it is
unreasonable to expect that SAC will take on the task of setting this
software up; this is true now, and will be true on the new hardware as

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