[SAC] Re: [OSGeo] #352: postgis-commits e-mail list

#352: postgis-commits e-mail list
Reporter: pramsey | Owner: sac@…
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Component: Systems Admin | Keywords: mailman,list,postgis

Comment(by crschmidt):

I see now that the postgis.refractions.net address exists and has a lot of
spam in it, but also mail from before the transition to OSGeo. So:

  1. Can someone with access to that list add svn_postgis@osgeo.org to the
allowed list of senders?
  2. You probably want to turn off the postgis-commits@postgis as an
allowed sender, since the spammers have found it and are abusing it.

I have enabled the post-commit hook to post to the postgis.refractions.net
list now.

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