[SAC] Re: [OSGeo] #369: SVN repository for UbuntuGIS

#369: SVN repository for UbuntuGIS
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Comment (by dmorissette):

Thanks for volunteering Howard. I'll take care of the motion.

I'll also try to address Martin's concerns since I don't want anyone to
think we're abusing OSGeo's resources. We could have done this on
maptools.org anyway so you're right that we don't need OSGeo to host or to
give credibility to UbuntuGIS... to me it's the contrary, UbuntuGIS is
going to provide a service to the OSGeo community that I and others
believe is important: up to date binary distributions... Frank already
wrote about this goal of OSGeo in the wiki at

Alan tried to explain the objectives of UbuntuGIS and address the
difference with the "real" DebianGIS and why we need both here:

Finally, on the size of the stuff hosted in SVN, Alan already explained in
comment:3 that only the package definition files are stored in SVN, not
the full source tree. For instance, the total size of the GDAL dir for a
given Ubuntu distribution is about 150k.

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