[SAC] Re: [OSGeo] #399: xblade14-2 Performance

#399: xblade14-2 Performance
  Reporter: jive | Owner: sac@lists.osgeo.org
      Type: task | Status: new
  Priority: critical | Component: SAC
Resolution: | Keywords: telascience
Changes (by tmitchell):

* cc: sac@lists.osgeo.org (added)
  * keywords: => telascience
  * component: General => SAC
  * owner: tmitchell => sac@lists.osgeo.org


Changing to SAC ... I assume it's all related to xblade14 being
completely locked up?

Is there any status report that can be given for the various
projects/people asking me why sites x,y,z are gone and when they'll be
back? I assume all issues about xblade14 are still open?

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