[SAC] Re: [WebCom] New aliases on web site

Ooops, I notice that image links aren't working in my new aliases, but I'll have a look at fixing that.


On 30-Dec-06, at 9:15 PM, Tyler Mitchell wrote:

I've added (not replaced) several aliases on the new site, so that projects can be easily found without having to use the legacy URLs.

Now you can access projects (other than openlayers and geonetwork) using the simple pattern:

Eg. http://osgeo.org/geodata
http://osgeo.org/gdal_ogr (also just gdal or just ogr)

Of course we can change this to a more complex pattern, but since we will have a fixed number of OSGeo projects, I think this is a good move and maximises 'guessability'. I'm happy to revisit any de-facto decision we've made about the site during this rush.. so don't hesitate if you want to debate it.

Any last minute changes or issues people want to see before the switch gets thrown?

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