[SAC] Reminder SAC meeting tomorrow 20 UTC



In particular I want to focus on outstanding stuff with moving to osgeo7 and
shutting down osgeo4

1) Osgeo4 -- I need to do some final checks, but I think we can shut it down
once the adhoc.osgeo.osuosl.org has been repointed to osge7 by osuosl (this
I couldn't do via Pairs since that's not our domain
. Maybe give another week just in case.

2) Osgeo3 - I started moving things off - already moved off web (which
covers id.osgeo.org and fdo.osgeo.org)
     Secure (ldap.osgeo.org) I took an LXD image of secure, but I'm really
concerned about this one -- so want to talk thru what to do as I don't know
much about how LDAP is configured, and thought it's a tiny VM (20GB of 11GB
used) it controls everything.

  I suspect it's using our wildcard SSL *.osgeo.org for LDAPs which is
expiring May 1st and not sure we can just switch it to lets encrypt since
it's not a web site.

It's also just old. Debian 6. So I'd like to keep (at least the image
running), while we build a fresh new LDAP with all the things we wanted like
support for SSH keys.