[SAC] SAC Meeting summary of today

We had a SAC meeting and deviated a bit from planned agenda, but all good.

Transcript here -
http://irclogs.geoapt.com/osgeo-sac/%23osgeo-sac.2020-01-16.log - starting
at - 20:20:56

Main take away points, more questions than solutions at this point

1) Live.osgeo.org - setup new infrastructure for automated building of site
and other things - Seth to get back to me on details about what is needed
2) Discussion of how to handle things like windows builds, mac builds - and
how to ask for funding for such things. Whether there is enough synergy to
work together as a group on this or do it separately as we are currently
a. Should it be a shared resource (with plus benefit signing keys would be
on an Osgeo building server) - I think that would be nice and wanted to
experiment with LXD/QEMU-virtual machine management for that kind of thing
perhaps when osgeo3 is put back into commission we can use it for somewhat
experimental/production stuff that we don't want on osgeo7)
Projects that could benefit from such a shared resource - OSGeo4W, GeoServer
(needs Jenkins/windows),
PostGIS/pgrouting (I have one of my servers dedicated for this
(Jenkins/Windows), but would be willing to help setup such a thing and
perhaps even move PostGIS/pgRouting windows stuff to it time permitting)

b. Ask for funding - or would it be best for projects to ask for such money
- whether cloud or otherwise.

Thanks to all who joined.