[SAC] SAC Meeting this Sunday Jun 24th 7 AM UTC and OSGeo 7 plans

Sorry for the delay in putting this together. We have a SAC meeting coming
up this Sunday 7 AM UTC:



Please look over the agenda and add items.

Most important on the agenda is getting moving to setup OSGeo 7. Even if
you are not attending the meeting this weekend, I'd like everyone to look
over the proposed setup and add notes accordingly.


Alex started the page already with the specs of the server, and what we had
proposed doing with it when it came.

Please look it over and add to it. We should probably also add a proposed
time when we want OSUOSL to install the base OS and transfer it over to us
for control.

The plan is to install Ubunut 16.04, and I added a note if there is any
reason why we can't start with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (which recently came out).