[SAC] script to check creation timestamp of all known spammer users

I've added a script to extract creation timestamp of all users
known as "spammers" from the emergency_clean.sql script.


tracsvn$ cd /osgeo/tools/trac
tracsvn$ ./allspammersinfo

WARNING: there are 260 known spam users in that file, so the
call will result in 260 invocations of ldapsearch. Save the
output to a file !

Note that *removed* accounts will not yeld any information, so
I'd suggest to *disable* rather than *remove* those accounts,
even to avoid legit users to adopt the name of a known spammer...

I just run the script and saved the output to /tmp/spammersinfo
so I can tell you that of those 260 spam users 12 are still
existing. If we go with *disable* we'd then need a way to tell
which users have been disabled and which not.

The list of still existing users:

  grep ': .' /tmp/spammersinfo