[SAC] Server Thoughts


I spoke with Paul Ramsey and he suggested pgpool as a way of addressing
our apparent #httpd * #tracinstances postmaster process count.


I took a look and it seems promising, but I got a bit bogged down.

I've been trying to watch the number of postmaster processes. When things
are in bad shape we have on the order of 200 postmaster's running. However,
I am now seeing that when things are well behaved the number of postmasters's
fluctuates up and down and is sometimes down as low as 50 so my theory that
connections are never dropped (and thus postmasters shutdown) appears to
be wrong. I'm not sure what this implies.

Anyone interested in trying out pgpool?

I still haven't been able to file a peer1 ticket to stop running dsmc.

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On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 12:55:31PM -0500, Frank Warmerdam wrote:

Anyone interested in trying out pgpool?

I think I've been dabbling with an early version of 'pgpool', several
years ago - just for the purpose of trying out if I was able to make a
DB connect.
I'd be happy to try it out again, but since we're going to move to our
new home this weekend, I'll hardly find the time for diving into
anything new until December. So, if anyone would like to go proceed
beforehand, please go ahead.

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