[SAC] [support.osuosl.org #24234] OSGeo4 VM revamp Plan

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw this.

1. Next step is finalize the quote for new hardware & buy
2. Get Astrodog's machine shipped (possibly after the codehaus rescue


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So we discussed this on IRC a few times since the last update on this

Here's the current plan I brought to the growth planning team:

Plan A
0. OSL sets aside 2U of space for OSGeo in a new rack.
1. OSGeo buys and ships 1U replacement hardware to the OSL to replace osgeo4
2. OSL sets up hardware in reserved space
3. (future) OSGeo buys and ships a second 1U server to replace osgeo3.
4. OSGeo migrates services on osgeo4 to new equipment.
5. OSL decomissions osgeo3/4

It looks like you've also requested another 2U of equipment, one for
rackmount mac minis and another for a BSD build server. We've been
decommissioning a lot of equipment lately, so we're approving the full
4U request.

We're looking at migrating Supercell from Ganeti to Openstack, so we're
reluctant add new clients to the Ganeti cluster. But when that's
prepared, you're welcome to join it.

When you're ready to ship things, let us know so we can start prepping
on our end. Our shipping address can be found at http://osuosl.org/contact.

Justin Dugger
Senior System Administrator
OSU Open Source Lab

On Thu Dec 11 09:42:51 2014, tech@wildintellect.com wrote:


Any news, haven't heard back on this at all from your end?


On 11/25/2014 03:45 PM, Alex Mandel wrote:
> If you still have the resources to loan us during the shuffle the
> existing plan is still fine. We have not worked on future
   procurement at
> all since our Foss4g conversation.
> Thanks,
> Alex
> On 11/25/2014 11:58 AM, Justin Dugger via RT wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Sorry for the delays. With the school year starting up in October
   our large K-12 client really siphoned off a lot of time of ours
   dealing with Moodle upgrades and consequent performance issues. And
   in the process I lost track of some tickets.
>> Obviously, we failed to get this plan in place by October. And
   unfortunately, I'm caught up in meetings for much of the rest of
   the day, and the Thanksgiving Holiday means our staff won't be
   around much later this week, so we'll be missing November as well.
>> Does the original plan still make sense?
>> Justin
>> On Fri Sep 19 14:27:56 2014, tech@wildintellect.com wrote:
>>> Justin & Team,
>>> Based on our discussions at FOSS4G. Here's the plan to do some
>>> and updates on the OSGeo hardware.
>>> Overview - move VMs off osgeo4 and redo the OS and Raid (Software
   Raid 5)
>>> Step 1.
>>> Make sure Martin Spott knows how to use his new access of osgeo3
>>> osgeo4 OS.
>>> Step 2.
>>> Change the mail.osgeo.osuosl.org VM to drbd
>>> Sync it over to osgeo3, failover to osgeo
>>> Change back to non-drbd
>>> Step 3.
>>> Schedule downtime (Mid-october) to turn off and copy Adhoc,
   Projects and
>>> possibly QGIS to OSUOSL Ganeti cluster for a few days.
>>> We might want a fresh Debian 7 VM for a QGIS rebuild - still
>>> Step 4.
>>> Upgrade/Redo the osgeo4 OS. OSUOSL has a new standard right? We're
>>> with that as long as Martin gets access to troubleshoot.
>>> Step 5.
>>> Benchmark to make sure the disks are performing ok.
>>> Step 6. Move Mail, QGIS, Adhoc and Projects back.
>>> Long term, we will continue to investigate new hardware, docker,
   and are
>>> open to suggestions on how to upgrade osgeo3 host OS with minimal
>>> interruption.
>>> Please get back to us with a schedule for who and when we might do
>>> of these steps.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Alex
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