[SAC] [support.osuosl.org #30076] download.osgeo.osuosl.org broken

On Sun May 13 04:56:55 2018, tomi.hukkalainen@iki.fi wrote:


It seems like download.osgeo.osuosl.org, which is the endpoint for
download.osgeo.org, is having some kinds of problems. The TLS connection
starts, but I'm seeing a bunch of retransmissions into both directions, and
the handshake never completes.

This is currently breaking Java/Clojure builds that use osgeo libraries.

If this message was pointed at the wrong direction, please let me know, and
I'll try to figure out who could fix the current situation.

Hi there,

We don't directly manage that site but I've included the admins from OSGEO who
can probably help you.

Lance Albertson
Oregon State University | Open Source Lab