[SAC] SVN Authz Updates


I have adapted the authz update script from osgeo1 slight for the TracSVN VM
and placed it in /var/www/svn/cgi-bin as ldap_authz_update.py and it can now
be invoked as cgi. I altered it slightly to connect to ldap.osgeo.org using
ldaps: instead of ldap:.

I have modified the /var/www/cgi-bin/auth/ldap_group.py script on osgeo1
to invoke that url though it doesn't work quite yet since svn.osgeo.org
does not point to the tracsvn server yet. When we do migrate things
we likely ought to remove the "os.system" call at the end of ldap_group.py.
It is used to run the local authz update script on osgeo1.

So, I think things are ready to go.

I would note I had to change the ownership of /var/www/svn to www-date.
It was still owned by userid 48 which was apache on osgeo1, but the uid
does not match the www-date id on the new VM. Without that I had
permissions issues updating the authz files from a cgi. You may need to
redo this step if you re-port. Also be cautious about blasting
/var/www/svn/cgi-bin or replacing the
/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/subversion.conf as these have been altered.

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